World Language Teachers and Students Celebrate World Language Week

Just back from winter break a flurry of activity began designed to enrich students’ learning experiences in our World Languages Departments. At South, Department Chair Sarah Lombard was the point person working with all of the teachers in the department to organize this week.

First, teachers share video interviews featuring current South staff members outside the department who speak another language and have lived or studied abroad.  Those staff members are Edmund Arroyo, Richard Sasso, Robin Vannoy, and Steve Moore.  Edmund Arroyo, Hinsdale South Social Worker (pictured above), spoke in Mary Zaleski’s class following the screening of his video interview about his experiences in Mexico and Egypt.

In addition to videos, there will be guest speakers presenting about their experiences using languages other than English while abroad. Speakers include a pediatrician who has worked in Spanish-speaking countries, a current senior at South who was a medical volunteer last summer in Columbia, and Ms. Lombard’s former student who studied in Spain and then was with the Peace Corps and learning an additional language.  They will share about themselves, their experiences, and how language and travel have had a lasting impact on their lives in addition to answering students’ questions.

Videos, raffles, poster contests, special lunches, and guest speakers are all part of an engaging week of learning planned by the World Language Department!