World Language teacher leaders present at virtual conference

Three District 86 World Language Teachers were selected to present at the Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages’ Virtual 2020 Fall Conference.  Christina Brodell and Sally Belter’s presentation “Creating Courageous Classrooms” focused on the invaluable role of creating meaningful relationships with students in the classroom and facilitating an environment that invites students to use their voice and be their authentic selves. They shared successful strategies and techniques to connect with students that lead directly to higher academic engagement, improved attendance and behavior, and increased teacher job satisfaction.  Christina Brodell and Courtney Mikulcik’s presentation “Reflection Strategies to Promote Student Growth” discussed the power of regularly integrating student reflection tools and cooperative learning into curriculum and instruction in order to encourage student ownership and participation.  These strategies foster students’ ability to develop a growth mindset as well  as support proficiency growth in the World Language Classroom.