The Show Must Go On

Mr. Kostro solved the how-to-do-a-play-in-a-pandemic problem, so students could have a great theater experience despite the limitations.

Mr. Kostro, director, sports his show shirt along with the angel, Clara

The production was recently featured in The Hinsdalean.

Not knowing what the fall semester would bring, Kostro said he started thinking about shows that could be presented in a variety of formats.

By Pamela Lannom

The Doings also reported on the play.

The challenge of the coronavirus was to give students a theater experience that was safe and still worthwhile, and something the kids would buy into, said Christopher Kostro, an English teacher at Central and the play’s director.

Over the summer he looked for a play that could be performed with or without a live audience, in person or via Zoom, given the unpredictability of the pandemic.


Kostro viewed the upside as to all of this as the extra push to get creative. He was able to truly “create art” in collaboration with the kids.