Setting the Record Straight

Recently, the District 86 Board was forced to make some drastic and difficult cuts to classroom and co-curricular opportunities for students. There has been misinformation surrounding these cuts, and with so much at stake, teachers want the community to have professional insight into the issues at hand.

Fiscal responsibility means efficiency, not elimination

Being good stewards of taxpayer money means using it efficiently and effectively to provide the type of excellent education the community wants for its students, not simply ignoring necessary decisions because they cost money. Ignoring problems to save money or lower taxes only compounds financial risk. Repair and improvement costs increase with time. The District loses the ability to fund ongoing maintenance, and rather, is forced to pay for expensive and extensive repair.

When facilities fall apart

The physical buildings of District 86 are falling apart. They mandate repair for the safety of the community’s children. Those costs cannot continue to be postponed. In 2013, the Board took a 0% levy, passing up on funding for much needed repair. This decision has already cost the school more than $5,000,000. Costs continue to incur. As teachers, we supported the needs outlined by the community-produced master facilities plan. We see surrounding schools upgrading their facilities, and we want to ensure that District 86 does not fall behind. Because teachers know what is at stake, the Hinsdale High School Teachers Association contributed financially in support of the November referendum. Now, teachers hope that a majority of community members also see what is at stake: the safety of this community’s students, the District’s reputation for academic and co-curricular excellence, opportunities for students to excel in and out of the classroom, area home values, and a community united in its pride of education. Teachers hope the majority of the community will support the April referendum for our students and their schools.