Letter from Presidents on Student Safety

Dear District 86 Parents, Students, Teachers and Community Members,

Earlier this evening you received an update from Dr. Law about recent events in our District 86 community. Like you, we are deeply concerned about the violent threats that were made against our students at Hinsdale South High School on Monday. Fortunately, due to timely collaboration between law enforcement, students, and administration, the suspect was identified and taken into custody. We would like to thank the student and parents who courageously notified the police regarding the suspect.

This situation is a reminder of how important it is for students and parents to speak up when they see suspicious behavior. Vigilance at school and home is especially important in this era of social media. Please urge your children to use an abundance of caution and share any suspicions they have with a trusted adult.

Our teachers, counselors, social workers and psychologists are always ready to listen to concerns and support our students. Continued collaboration between District 86, law enforcement, and the community are critical to maintaining a safe learning environment for all of our students.


Rick Cazzato
Andy Laux
Hinsdale High School Teachers Association Presidents