International Olympics: Fun and Games with World Language Teachers

To get our students primed for the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games and to just have some good old-fashioned fun, club sponsors and teachers from the World Languages Department coordinated and participated in Central’s annual International Olympics. Held in the courtyard on September 13th, five student clubs showed up to fight for glory. Gold medals were awarded to the International Club for the Tug-of-War and the Hula Hoop Pass, Hispanic Student Association/Spanish Club for the Wheelbarrow Race, Latin Club for the 3-Legged Race, and French Club for the Water Balloon Toss. Though they didn’t bring home a Gold, German club kept themselves on the board by earning a silver in the Tug-of-War. 

Behind every great International Olympic Team is a great sponsor, so we want to congratulate Jenny Cummings (French Club), Johanna Jurgens (German Club), Julie Motluck (International Club), Alisha McCloud (Latin Club), and Bianca Holland (Hispanic Student Association/Spanish Club) for their dedication to these valuable Red Devil clubs. Their colleagues Christy Brodell and Caitlin DeLacey also came out to compete alongside students and staff.

These energetic and competitive teachers make coming to school more enjoyable and engaging for our students each and every day, not just when they’re holding the Olympics.

We look forward to seeing which clubs will be next year’s International Olympic champions!