Hybrid Model: Better but Not Best

The Board agenda has posted for January 22.

Department Chairs Stay in Some Content-Areas

While teachers are pleased to see a recommendation that seems to recognize the value of the building-level Department Chair model in some content areas, teachers feel that it will diminish our standard of excellence to use the administrative Curriculum Director model for other content areas as the Board docs indicate.  

At the high school level, particularly in a district of our caliber, content-area knowledge and methodologies specific to those disciplines are integral to providing a quality high-level education. Every department benefits from their very own expert leader within each building.  Under the proposed plan, curriculum directors splitting time between campuses and some departments being further combined with others, will leave many teachers, parents, and students without easily accessible, content-area expert department chairs.

Non-teaching Department Chairs

Teachers are also concerned about the recommendation to completely remove department chairs from the classroom. ā€œThere is a great body of research supporting the coaching role of the teacher-leader.ā€

Excellent schools use the building-level Department Chair model.