HS Civics classes sponsor school supply drive

HS Civics classes collected school supplies to donate to schools affected by Hurricane Ian earlier this school year

Hinsdale South Social Studies teacher Kelly Van Hout along with Special Education co-teachers Michael Gross and Alex Bitto inform students from the very beginning of the school year that “democracy” is a verb. Students in class are challenged to consider ways to better the community in which they live by being an engaged and active citizen. In response, students created a school-wide school supply/book drive to help schools that were directly impacted by Hurricane Ian. Van Hout, Gross, and Bitto all supported students while they researched schools in need of help, created publicity for the drive, and even hosted an ice cream sundae sale to raise funds for their cause. In total, over 400 bags of supplies will be donated to schools directly affected by the hurricane. Each bag contains folders, pencils, pens, crayons, and books.