The following has been adapted from the 1969 Revised Edition of the HHSTA handbook, and provides an interesting overview on the history of the teachers’ association.

The idea of starting a Hinsdale High School Teachers Association came from a faculty professional meeting in 1956. The members of the Professional Committee of the Hinsdale Teachers Association were discussing professional standards. At that time, the Association consisted of teachers from both current day elementary district #181 and high school district #86.

Mr. Robert Kehoe, a member of the Professional Committee was asked to call a meeting to consider the advisability of forming such an organization. At this meeting, a committee, consisting of Mr. Gerald Kusler, Mr. Russell Poppenhager, Mr. James Robbins, Mr. Robert Saunders and Miss Patricia Zengler, was chosen. The committee was directed to (1) state the  need for a separate high school organization (2) set up possible objectives (3) work out some plan for operation (4) work out the details for establishing a separate association.

After the Committee reported to the faculty, the teachers voted on the question of establishing a separate Association. The vote was fifty-eight yeas, three nays, and four abstentions.

On March 4, 1957, acting president Harvey Dickinson, presided over a short meeting where the following constitution committee was appointed: Mr. Harlow Gaylord, Chairman, Mr. Robert Anderson, Miss Naidene Goy, and Mr. Marlowe Hartzer. The committee was asked to have a rough draft of the proposed constitution prepared by April 1, 1957.

Copies of the new Constitution were distributed to the faculty, Friday April 5, 1957. At a meeting of the faculty in the Speech lab on Monday, April 8, 1957 Mr. Gaylord led the discussion on the proposed Constitution. It was moved that the Constitution be adopted as presented which was passed unanimously.

It was moved by Mr. Gaylord that the temporary officers become the permanent officers of the organization for school year 1957-58. The officers were:

President: Mr. Harvey Dickinson
Vice President: Mr. Gerald Kusler
Secretary: Miss Wilma Hasemeyer (McAllister)
Treasurer: Mr. Robert Saunders

The first official meeting of HHSTA was held May 20th, 1957.

During the 1967-68 school year, a revision of the constitution was approved by the members of the Association. With Hinsdale South now in operation for a full year for all grade levels, this revision provided for a full set of officer and committees for Central and South high schools with their activities to be coordinated through an Executive Council.

Currently, HHSTA represents approximately 360 professional educators at both Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South high schools and The Transition Center.

HHSTA is a member of the Illinois Education Association (IEA – Region 57) and the National Education Association (NEA).