HHSTA urges District 86 Board of Education for continued cultural equity professional development and instructional support

The HHSTA represents the over 360 certified teachers and staff members in District 86. As their elected representatives and leaders, we are sending this statement to you, the leaders of our district. 
We value the tenets set forth in the District 86 Equity Statement wherein it states we will empower students through “coherent, deliberate, and intentional equity work that prioritizes the equality of opportunity and equality of outcome for every student.” This statement, crafted by members of staff, administration, and the board of education, as well as by students, parents, and community members continues to be one we support.
We value this work because we believe it helps foster a rich environment in which all members of the school community can feel safe, valued and accepted, and in which our students know their voices and experiences will be heard and acknowledged.                                                                           
We also remain fixed in our acknowledgement and support of our colleagues and their work on the Cultural Equity Leadership Team (CELT).
Every day, as educators, we work to meet the needs of each individual student, including their learning styles, identities, backgrounds, strengths, and challenges. 
We embrace the process of change through growth. Meaningful professional development in cultural equity gives us the right tools to continue putting our students at the forefront of instruction and keeps the district moving in a direction that thoughtfully includes and recognizes all students.
We ask the Hinsdale District 86 Board of Education and district administration to continue supporting us in this work.