HC English teacher soon to be published author

When not planning for school, grading or spending time with her family, Burrell takes to the computer to write. It’s her stress relief.

by: Sue Grady

Angelique Burrell, Hinsdale Central English teacher and award-winning Solstice Literary Magazine advisor, is about to be a published author of a young adult novel.

Writing since her teens, she has dabbled in poetry and short story writing as a way to relieve stress and fill free time. She doesn’t enjoy being idle or wasting time streaming shows; she says she would much rather write.

She credits a writing group started by fellow English teacher and writer Jared Friebel. Friebel asked English teachers if they wanted to be a community of writers. Burrell said the group read each other’s work, gave feedback and support.

As a creative writing teacher this year, she knows what it is to suffer with words and sentences like her students do; she can offer real life examples of how she works to create her stories. She said, “Like all English teachers, I care about language, and this process gave me a greater respect for how all authors put pieces of a story together. I teach students the way a story is crafted and how to work with words.”

She developed her plot line, characters and themes as a passenger on a road trip. She gets ill reading in a car, so, instead, she stared out the window and came up with the story, which, coincidentally, involves a car, an accident and a bit of the supernatural.

The publishing process is long, arduous and requires many read-throughs and edits before the actual book release, which, for her book titled A Mark in the Road, will be October, 2023.

Burrell said, “A lot of rejection comes with writing.” She said that it was a really good feeling to finally get a publisher who said, “Yes.” Burrell is almost finished with her second novel, which she started during the writing group years ago. She said, “I’m about to start the whole process all over again. Rejection and all.”