Department Chairs Deliver

With a clear mandate in terms of items to be included, department chairs have developed an ambitious and actionable plan to deliver district-wide curriculum equity.

Department chairs held a series of meetings with each other both in and across content areas. Within these meetings they collaborated using their expert knowledge of the current curriculum and the their intimate knowledge of our District’s processes for textbook adoption, registration, sectioning and other inner workings of the schools that impact implementation of such a plan.

Their plan already stretches beyond deliverables and deadlines to timelines and specifics for steps necessary to move from where the curriculum is now to the required common deliverable.

As requested, the plans for delivering common curriculum across the district have been submitted to the Assistant Superintendent.

Only our current department chairs could have designed such a plan.  And, for the plan to be executed successfully, only those with the profound knowledge of our curriculum and their teams of teachers can effectively and efficiently implement it.