D86 Teachers Present on DuPage County Institute Day

Lisa Tazelaar presented at the 2019 Naperville North High School PE, Health and Drivers Education DuPage County Institute Day. Her presentation centered on how we as a district implement the RULER curriculum for social and emotional learning freshman year and beyond and also how we are incorporating SEL work into our curriculum on a weekly basis in both physical education and health education.

Six English teachers presented at the “Celebrating Language Arts” Conference at Wheaton North High School.

Will Ejzak’s presentation centered around reading, reflecting, discussing and debating about real-world issues and institutions.

Angelique Burrell presented a process of utilizing formative and summative assessments to scaffold timed writing skills.

Jim DiDomenico and Jared Friebel’s presentation shared ideas they’ve had success with in their classrooms to promote student engagement, authentic participation in the drafting process, and higher quality student writing.

Justin Esau presented an updated, research-based method of checking the credibility of online sources.

Megan Parker presented an approach on how to embed self-awareness, self-management, and relationship skills into high quality characterization work in the English classroom.