Coach Michael Wiggins Presents at National Convention

Chicago, Il. (January 12, 2019) The United Soccer Coaches National Convention was held in Chicago at McCormick Place this month, with coaches from around the world in attendance. Michael Wiggins, Head Soccer Coach at Hinsdale Central High presented on Saturday, January 12 at 1:00pm in front of a packed room of coaches, addressing the topic, “Connecting Your High School Program With The Community.”

Strategies were presented addressing ways that high school coaches could not only advocate for their programs, but get out into the community to share their great work. From coaching seminars to kids camps/clinics, Wiggins shared successful initiatives that included pack the place opportunities, coaching education, community service, and other ways to get involved.

This presentation was the first time Wiggins presented on a national level, and marked the first time a Hinsdale Central soccer coach has presented at the USC National Convention.