#ApartTogether: Mr. Sasso

To continue their learning and connection making over the summer, Mr. Sasso’s designed a summer reading option for his Honors Writing Seminar seniors on Camus’s The Plague.

Mr. Richard Sasso curated many rigorous yet engaging activities for his Hinsdale South English students during their weeks of remote learning. Highlights include using Ray Bradbury’s messages on technology from the dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 to compare with students’ own remote learning experiences. In addition, some of Mr. Sasso’s seniors “explored feminist themes in the play ‘An Inspector Calls’ using video uploads of speeches and the play itself on YouTube.” Lastly, Sasso’s African American Literature students read Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy and then participated in “a virtual watch party when the feature film based on [the book] was released to stream/buy/rent.” Our students are lucky for the richly relevant experiences with texts and concepts that were provided by HHSTA’s Mr. Sasso!

We may be apart from our students and apart from our colleagues, but we are still together!