#ApartTogether: Mr. Lapetino

Dave Lapetino is the Instructional Innovation Coordinator for District 86. While students always benefit from his work, our sudden shift to extended remote learning requires even more of his time and expertise.

Mr. Lapetino says, “we have received a lot of positive feedback about the balance of self-paced and “face-to-face” time that is occurring in our Remote Learning lessons. Students and teachers continue to benefit from the opportunity to interact with one another in a “live” environment, but also appreciate the flexibility to work on assignments at their own pace during a “self-paced” lesson. Alternating between modes gives teachers the flexibility to use the right approach for each lesson. Students continue to take advantage of opportunities to check in virtually with their teachers while they work, relieving some of the stress of learning remotely.” 

“Teachers continue to impress us with the level of creative ingenuity they display as they create engaging activities for their students. “

Mr. Lapetino was recently interviewed for an article in the Hinsdale-Clarendon Hills Patch.

We may be apart from our students and apart from our colleagues, but we are still together!