#ApartTogether: LEAP Club

Photo Credit: Photography by Hinsdale Magazine
Ms. Fehrman (LEAP Club sponsor and HC English teacher), Pam Kalafut (former HC art teacher, activities director, and LEAP Club sponsor), Judy and Tom Casten from the Casten Family Foundation (who grew all of the tomatoes) and Olivia Ostrowski, LEAP Club president

LEAP Club sponsor, Ms. Fehrman, together with the president of the club, Oliva Ostrowski, and other LEAP Club members didn’t let the pandemic stop them from raising more than $13,000 for schools in Africa through the annual tomato plant sale and various other fundraisers throughout the year. LEAP Club students with the help of The Hinsdale Foundation worked diligently setting up the online ordering system, tracking orders, and documenting payments. The adults, including LEAP Club sponsor, Ms. Fehrman, organized, and distributed the plants. Read more in The Hinsdalean.

We may be apart from our students and apart from our colleagues, but we are still together!