#ApartTogether: Deans Bronke and Elo

Ms. Elo
South Dean
Ms. Bronke
Central Dean

Lisa Elo and Kristen Bronke, D86 deans, were guest speakers in this summer’s Incoming Freshman Seminar. Jill Tylk and Mallory Bauer, English teachers, invited the deans as the first in a series of D86 staff that students are likely to encounter when they begin their freshman year. Students will also meet with the principals and activities directors. This gives the students a chance to ask questions and become familiar with names and faces in a small forum (albeit an online one this summer). Students asked questions about rules and drills. Both deans said that students who find themselves needing help should see their dean. Of this, Ms. Bauer said, “their conversation with students “stressed how much they value building relationships.”

We may be apart from our students and apart from our colleagues, but we are still together!